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let's unleash your inner confidence with a luxury boudoir session
located in Denver, Colorado

I'm Cat Larsen, a boudoir photographer with over 8 years of experience. 

My mission and passion is to help women rediscover and celebrate themselves through boudoir photography.I believe we are all beautiful works of art and deserving of being seen, documented, and revered.

I've seen firsthand how a boudoir photoshoot can transform lives. I've had the privilege of working with countless women from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes. It's the best job in the world, and I'm incredibly proud of the studio my team and I have built.

Our work goes beyond just capturing sexy photos. It's about pushing boundaries and doing something chiefly for yourself. It's about discovering a new perspective of yourself and affirming that you deserve every aspect of this journey and more. Because you absolutely do.

About boudoir by cat

Appreciating your body NO MATTER what.

Recognizing that you've NEVER lost your sexy. EVER.
Documenting your beauty & growth even if you haven't hit your milestone!

Choosing to celebrate yourself when you do hit that milestone, get the promotion, or turn 30, 40, 50+ years old.

A session can open the doors to endless opportunities you never thought possible

Realizing it's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop-dead gorgeous every once in a while!


6 reasons to book a bouoir shoot with us

 Boudoir is for EVERY type of women.

Numbers do NOT define you.

You can NEVER lose your sexy, no matter what age you are! Trust me. 

You don't need ANY type of experience at all.

Women who invest in themselves, go further!

Boudoir is a tool we can use to unleash our power within and fall back in love with our bodies that society has deemed “un-ideal”

What exactly is boudoir?

There are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography that I want to clear up before we get started...


Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.
- unknown

Our clients are everyday women, just like you.
Scared to indulge in themselves. Looking for a way to heal from trauma, postpartum, and more. Afraid of getting out of their comfort zone.

When you step into our studio, our team will make you look and feel like the goddess you already are.

All you have to do is show up. We'll take care of the rest.


Nothing speaks louder than the glowing reviews from our satisfied clients. Discover how our luxury boudoir experience has transformed their self-confidence and love for their own curves.


"Cat is truly the BEST.  She makes you feel beautiful, confident, and professional all in one! She is so creative and makes you feel so comfortable - so you can truly shine through your photos. Truly the best!
- Sarah G.

The pictures I received are astounding. I feel gorgeous. Model material. I am giddy!! Very, very excited to share the album with my husband on Valentine's Day. The clarity and natural lighting of the photos is so incredible. I am crying with joy.- Claire H. 

The results from my boudoir shoot with Cat were so much more than I could have expected - the photos make you feel confident and sexy! I definitely recommend to any woman; no matter if it’s for a special occasion or just to feel beautiful in your own skin!
- Lisa L

"I want to share my experience to help others who may feel similar. I am someone who does not feel comfortable in front of the camera. I rarely like photos of myself, so I avoid being in them. But I decided to go out of my comfort zone and hire Catherine. Not only did she make me feel super comfortable, but most importantly, I am blown away by the photos. I love them and not just because my daughter is in them, but I also actually like how I look! To me, what makes a great photographer is someone who can do just that - capture important moments, but also create images that are beautiful enough to print and display."

Chelsea H. 
April 2023

Catherine did an incredible job on my photos before my wedding! She makes you feel so comfortable and is so relaxed. The final product was more than I could’ve imagined. So glad my sister referred me to her! You will not regret working with her!

- Jamie Ali
July 2022

The results from my boudoir shoot with Catherine were so much more than I could have expected - the photos make you feel confident and sexy! I definitely recommend to any woman; no matter if it’s for a special occasion or just to feel beautiful in your own skin!

- Lisa Lamb
January 2023

Show yourself that you are a priority in your own life. Do something that ignites your soul fire.

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How it Works


Connection Call

The Session

You will come into the studio and we will lay out all of your styled choices. Hair and makeup will begin. Our session will last about an hour. I will guide you through every pose down to your toes, I promise you will feel confident and love the experience!



Portrait Reveal

Shortly after your session we will have your reveal session in person where you will select and purchase only the images you want. This is a low pressure consult. but i promise, you will have a harder time than you think choosing which ones you love the most.



About a month later, you will pick up your album and digitals via crystal flash drive from my home or studio. 

luxury boudoir Photography

Your images will be ready within 1 week of our session, and that's when we'll schedule your ordering appointment. Prints, wall art, and albums are delivered in 2-3 weeks.


Luxury prints and products


Thank you Gorgeous