My primary goal is to gain your trust so that you feel 100% comfortable and can enjoy your portrait session just being yourself. From our first interaction I will guide you into this process so you feel taken care of and have zero doubts that you will love every step of the process.

A compliment that i've loved to receive is how 'easy' I make the portrait process, which is what I want! I know that photos are not everyone's favorite thing... and I get it! But give me a chance and I can prove to you just how transformative really great portrait photography can be for you and your confidence.

My husband and I moved to Colorado on a whim in 2015. Soon after arriving I knew it was the perfect chance for me to pivot into a career that ignited joy.

I started investing in my 'photo hobby' and was full-time by the end of the year. I've owned and operated my business ever since. 

My heart is kept full on a daily basis with the support of my husband, Johnny, son, Harrison, and snuggles from our main coon (Mo Mo) & golden retriever (Maple). I am so thankful for this life, and feel humbled with the opportunity to wake up and serve so many amazing people while doing what I love. 

About  Cat,
the boudoir photographer



You will never come to my studio to silence. Music invigorates the soul and I love having it on at all times. You get to choose the genre!
Here is a photo of my husband and I at a music festival in Austin, Texas!


The Mountains

I know, I know.. how cliche i that? But it's true. Moving to Colorado started and ended with the mountains. They're amazing.


Family Love

The love of a family is like no other. It is a dream to photograph the amazing families of Colorado and watch them grow.