Chelsea Hart | Artist Personal Branding

Chelsea Hart is a Denver-based abstract artist who needed personal branding photos for her website and social media. It was so fun working with her and getting to see her in her element.

Denver-based artist Chelsea Hart earned her Visual Studies BA from Western Kentucky University. She is most known for her vibrant abstract paintings, mixed media collages, and Matisse-inspired murals. She has been featured in publications such as Colorado Homes Magazine, The Denver Post, and 303 Magazine. Currently, her work can be seen as a part of permanent public art collections across the US as well as in a variety of galleries.

“My emotions guide my art practice, as does finding beauty in the mundane. Inspiration is all around us, from the people we meet to our daily commute. I use my surroundings to guide my art practice, channeling the colors and movements I’ve experienced into abstractions on canvas.

My process is very intuitive and rarely planned, which allows me to experiment. I am obsessed with color combinations and let the process of creating guide my color choices. My end goal is always the same, no matter where the inspiration came from…to create something that will bring beauty and joy to the viewer.”

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Chelsea Hart | Artist Personal Branding

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