Emma | Denver Actor Headshot

Emma is an accomplished actor based out of Denver, Colorado.

An actor’s headshot is their professional calling card—and the best ones do more than just catch a casting director’s attention in the moment. A great headshot is also memorable enough to pop back into the CD’s mind the next time a role suited for your type crosses their desk

When you are acting, you are portraying a totally different person. When you take professional headshots, you are only portraying yourself. Actor headshots should show off your looks in the most flattering way possible. By providing casting directors with these pictures, you make it easier for them to see you and determine whether or not you will fit for a certain role.

If you’re interested in updating your headshot in the Denver area, I can help! I have created a simple, 30 minute session that will give you at least 20 images to choose from. You can choose a couple, or buy the whole album. Book your session today and let’s check ‘get a new headshot’ off your to-list asap!

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Emma | Denver Actor Headshot

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