Love Yourself, above all else!

As a photographer I see it way to often – just how incredibly hard we are on ourselves and the way we look. And I get it! I am a part of the problem. But I am working every day to teach my children (and myself) to love ourselves just the way we are.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? People see things in us that we have such a hard time realizing about ourselves, and accepting. My work with women is centered around empowerment – helping you to see what others see in you.

I don’t have the cute button nose that so many celebrities have. It’s not outrageous, but sometimes I convince myself that it is! I’ve never even been teased about it, so why do I care so much?! I can’t tell you. But I try to work on loving myself exactly the way I am every day.

We all have something!

That smile lines that you see in the mirror after you wake up? No one notices!

That childhood scar that you look at and cringe every day, I bet your best friend doesn’t even know it’s there.

It is my hope to help women look at themselves in a different light, and treat themselves with kindness.

Embracing beautiful images of ourselves can be a powerful tool in cultivating self-love. Photos can capture moments that reflect not only our physical appearance but also the emotions and experiences woven into our lives. When we surround ourselves with images that showcase our expressions of self-acceptance, we reinforce a positive narrative about our own worth. By looking at these uplifting images, we create a visual dialogue that encourages self-love, helping to reshape our perceptions and reinforcing a positive self-image that extends beyond the confines of the photograph.

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xoxo, Catherine





Love Yourself, above all else!

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